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  • SCAB Design

    SCAB Design produces furniture since 1957. A great capacity of creation and attention to detail inherited from a long tradition make SCAB Design a symbol of Italian production. Extraordinary objects, which take shape from the principles of beauty and functionality. Infinite research for the perfection of matter, which has resulted in exclusive recognition by Bayer by granting the company a licence to use the Makrolon®, brand name from now on Covestro made with Makrolon®. Quality and style for home design and for the indoor and outdoor contract sector. A unique touch, to transform the ideal into the material. SCAB Design has always defined theirselves by modifying the space around us. The objects that inhabit our lives truly reflect us and relate our experiences through shape. SCAB Design has been creating these objects for 60 years, conceiving them as they will be in your hands and modelling them so that they can be used every day. Production has always been completely Italian, with the three production units we own in northern Italy. SCAB Design has been working technopolymer materials with a pioneering spirit since the 1970s, finding innovative solutions ahead of the times. SCAB Design has also reached results of very high quality, obtaining the full recognition of our production capacities with the brand name Covestro made with Makrolon®, for the products made of polycarbonate. Quality is conceived to construct objects that are not only aesthetically remarkable but essential in their daily use. A team of specialized architects, designers, engineers and consultants follows every single product in the entire production cycle with a spirit of craftsmanship in large-scale production. The certification of the chairs and the furnishing elements, for your guarantee, is a choice and a reason of pride. Catas performs the tests that allow SCAB Design to constantly reach the highest level in the tests of resistance, stability and load, even in the most intense uses. With these principles, SCAB Design makes furnishing elements for you, dressing up your daily life and adding to high level design a secret element: creativity. To transform a technique into a genuine form of art.
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  • Plycollection

    Plycollection is combining the experience and capabilities of Latvia’s largest furniture manufacturers with modern and world-renowned design. The innovative development process results in a collection of unique molded plywood chairs that fit anywhere – from homes and offices to public areas. Using the unique technology for molding plywood, a highly qualified workforce and quality materials Plycollection offers to customers throughout the world modern high quality design chairs.
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  • Belakos Flooring

    Since 1960, our products have been turning living rooms in the Netherlands and further afield into stylish and comfortable homes for our customers. Because that’s what we want to achieve: comfort and a feeling of coming home for every customer who purchases our products!

    So how do we do that?
    Our employees are always looking for the latest colours and patterns and the best quality floor materials. As a wholesaler, we have solutions that match every furnishing requirement. With three different types of floors, we can always find the best match for your customers’ requirements.

    • tasteful and warm carpets;
    • maintenance-friendly and luxurious LVT;
    • practical and attractively priced vinyl.

    Private customers can visit or contact an extensive network of sales outlets in the Netherlands for reliable and honest advice. We also work on development projects all over the world with project developers and partners.

    Why Belakos?
    Our business started out as a carpet factory. This means we have a huge store of knowledge and experience when it comes to the composition and quality of floor coverings. And because we already have 56 years of experience in the business, we know exactly what does and doesn’t work. When you choose Belakos, you can rely on:

    • quality
    • unique service
    • honest advice
    • extensive choice
    • a reliable partner.
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  • Stones Like Stones

    Welcome to StoneslikeStones,
    the experts for room design with wall panels.

    For over 17 years, we have been offering intelligent solutions for wall, ceiling and much more.

    Whether residential areas or commercial objects - our range of products offers a high degree of design possibilities.

    The range ranges from classic-modern to mediterranean.

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  • Meridyen

    Simple or showy but always comfy...

    Meridyen Tekstil, founded in 1995 to fulfill the textile requirements of Hotels, Restaurants, Military facilities and Hospitals, has been the designer and executor of numerous domestic and international projects since its foundation. 

    Meridyen Tekstil, keeping abreast of all the latest developments on production and design across the globe, aspire to offer its customer the top quality with optimum price.

    Meridyen Tekstil, with the advantage of gathering manufacturing and the weave under the same roof and pursuant to its unconditional customer satisfaction based service mentality, produce fabrics with unlimited color and fabric selections and creates designs temper to space and purpose relation.

    With its wide range of products, including but not limited to curtain, bed throw, towel, sheet, table cloth and upholstery fabric Meridyen Tekstil makes all venues livable.

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    Established in 1975, Havwoods’ commitment to quality, expertise and service has made us Britain’s foremost wood flooring company supplying architects, specifiers and individuals around the world. We concentrate almost exclusively on wood flooring: engineered and solid wood for floors, cladding and even joinery, in all situations, in a wide variety of species and with every conceivable finish. Indeed, Havwoods personnel personally select the very best products from the best manufacturers worldwide and the result is a superior portfolio of over one thousand different types of wood flooring.

    Renowned as leaders in our field, both technologically and aesthetically, Havwoods are also continually researching new ideas and new trends. It was this quest for new ideas which led to the introduction of both composite decking products and collections like the revolutionary Fusion range.

    A large stockholding of many of the products shown on this site is held for immediate delivery, whilst bespoke orders may be fulfilled in as little as two weeks. A rapid delivery service is always available, alternatively stock can be reserved for up to three months (or longer by arrangement) in order to guarantee delivery as and when required. For larger projects warehouse space is available for storage to enable delivery in manageable consignments to suit the schedule.

    But it is expertise which truly sets Havwoods apart as a company. Not only knowledge of products and the ways in which they perform, but also of installation, for the correct installation, using the best fixing method and products for the sub-floor and the environment, has tremendous influence on the lifespan of the floor itself.

    If you require any advice on the very best wood floor for your project, the best method of installation and the best team to do it, call us at Havwoods – we’re known for wood that works.

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  • Vondom

    A lifestyle, a way of being. That’s Vondom. Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, innovators, curious types… like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything around them. Design culture is the key to our success. This is what pushes us to create new collections that give spaces a new dimension. Vondom creates dialogue between environment and form. Vondom pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s about, creating atmospheres where Vondom can take hold of life and feels that Vondom is here to live it, enjoy it and surround ourselves with beauty. The ambassadors of the Vondom spirit are Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Javier Mariscal… Renowned designers and architects from all over, it doesn’t matter where. What counts is their passion for shapes, culture and the vanguard. They transform each piece of furniture into an exclusively “Vondom” mode of expression.
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  • Sandalyeci

    Operating within a 270,000 square foot production facility, SANDALYECI is a global manufacturer in the hospitality furniture industry.  SANDALYECI combines high-technology manufacturing with expert craftsmanship to create durable wood and metal chairs, tables, booths, and any type of customized furniture item without compromising in design. Based in Izmir, Turkey, SANDALYECI has sales worldwide through numerous locations around the world, offering more than a thousand furniture items and limitless customization options, providing endless solutions to global franchises and hospitality chains worldwide.

    SANDALYECI maintains its durability through its specially-developed “Integrated Gridlock Mechanism” (IGM) used in producing durable, commercial grade furniture items targeting the hospitality industry.

    Worldwide Offices: Dubai | Washington, D.C. | Toronto | | Prague | Odessa | Frankfurt | St. Petersburg | Amsterdam | Almaty | Astana

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  • Luxy

    Luxy was established in 1976 as a small producer of chairs in outsourcing, in one of the most important productive areas of Europe, Italy's northeast. Luxy developed into a highly specialised company in the production of ergonomic and design chairs and sofas. Collaboration with designers like Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Mario Ruiz, Favaretto & Partners, Itamar Harari and Stefano Getzel, along with the company’s innate vocation for research, experimentation and innovation, accompanied by vast technological know-how and experience, led the company to patent products that were characterised by design and ergonomics that are the symbol of “Made in Italy” products, which are exported to over forty countries, through a network of professionals who are attentive to our customers’ needs. With the entry into equity package of HAT Holding SpA (Hat Holding All Together www.hat.it) that has invested with all the company management, Luxy has had a breakthrough for a further incentive in the development of the company on markets always paying particular attention to the environment and to the regulations for security and compliance. The company is well rooted in the world market, but is in continuous movement to satisfy the demands of its clientele... this is Luxy. 1st June Luxy has celebrated its first forty years from the date of its foundation.
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  • Marbet Style

    Marbet Style’s mission is to create beautiful objects based on proprietary designs distinguished by their unconventional aesthetics. Marbet Style wants its products to reflect something more than the latest fashion trends and the highest ergonomic standards. In the vision, furniture not only provides comfort but also makes dreams of beautiful interiors with individual character come true. Marbet Style’s team consists of people with passion, people valuing creative independence and bringing a fresh perspective on everyday objects. Creativity is the highest value, which is why Marbet Style supports Polish designers. Thanks to their commitment and passion, they can introduce original collections brought into being with attention to detail. An unprecedented palette of colours and textures together with avant-garde forms makes for unique works of art inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world. Driven by a passion for good design, Marbet Style is always searching for new forms of expression able to reflect the personal vision of a designer most fully. At the same time, they respect the natural environment, the original forms of which are an endless source of inspiration. The technologies which Marbet Style implements are wholly safe for the environment.
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  • Midj in Italy

    In thirty years of work, Midj succeeded in transferring the care of artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This implies that the typical features relating to craftsmanship are guaranteed even in large-scale production. Industrial capacity and advanced technologies are strength, while expertise is soul and what really makes Midj stand out. Know-how is the heart of Midj company: thanks to it, all its projects take shape and come to life, from a craftsmanship vocation that is continuously cultivated and refined. The DNA of Midj's production also lies in confidence in the future. The company designs for people who want to live and build real, bright, and joyful spaces. Soft design welcomes with flowing lines, rounded corners and soft padding designed for moments of happiness and comfort. Through the collections, they continuously search versatility and the chance to find a perfect solution both for public and private spaces. They look for all the possible solutions to complete your furniture project. Each of Midj’s collections transforms with brand new and continuously tested materials and colors.