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Find your own floor on Havwoods Flooring. Choose from a wide range of wood floors, vinyl floors and carpets for both office and home.

Large warehouses of many of the products listed on this site are held for immediate delivery, while custom orders can be completed in less than two weeks. There is always a fast delivery service, or stocks can be reserved for up to three months (or longer by appointment) to guarantee delivery when needed.

Service and guarantee of the Havwoods' floors portal

Thanks to the services of architects and designers with knowledge of all common standards for hotels and restaurants, this portal can save you a lot of work and worries during furnishing, renovation and renewal of equipment.

It can always guarantee top-quality delivery, exclusivity and customized services. It follows the standards that are inherent to our business in the industry: It always adheres to agreements and deadlines. Everything delivers on time.

Floor suppliers

The quality of the goods depends largely on the level of their production. That is why they choose suppliers with great care to offer customers the goods they can trust at attractive prices. It does not only perform quality tests internally, but also cooperates with companies that generally deal with the quality of goods.


Established in 1975, Havwoods’ commitment to quality, expertise and service has made us Britain’s foremost wood flooring company supplying architects, specifiers and individuals around the world.

Havwoods – we’re known for wood that works.


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