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Headquarters: Izmir, TURKEY

Operating within a 270,000 square foot production facility, SANDALYECI is a global manufacturer in the hospitality furniture industry.  SANDALYECI combines high-technology manufacturing with expert craftsmanship to create durable wood and metal chairs, tables, booths, and any type of customized furniture item without compromising in design. Based in Izmir, Turkey, SANDALYECI has sales worldwide through numerous locations around the world, offering more than a thousand furniture items and limitless customization options, providing endless solutions to global franchises and hospitality chains worldwide.

SANDALYECI maintains its durability through its specially-developed “Integrated Gridlock Mechanism” (IGM) used in producing durable, commercial grade furniture items targeting the hospitality industry.

Worldwide Offices: Dubai | Washington, D.C. | Toronto | | Prague | Odessa | Frankfurt | St. Petersburg | Amsterdam | Almaty | Astana

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