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Your home is your holy place and its furnishings should reflects your personality, style and originality. That is why Home and Horeca is here — guide through the world of furniture and architecture. Arranging an apartment hasn’t been easier! Complete services, delivery on your address and 100% participation in building your dream home from the first plan to final realization.

  • Styling interior

    Design, style and distinctive approach are important aspects for arranging, renovating or remodelling an interior. Either it is an apartment, office, nursery or hotel room - everywhere that details matter! Home and Horeca is here to make your fantasies and dreams come true!

  • Interior design

    Right from the start and first designs we are at your side till the end. Effective management of the whole process and being part of it is a sure thing as putting the right team of specialists together and individual perspective to each of your interior’s designs. Sense for details, professional approach and excellent knowledges make us the number one on the market!

  • Residental architecture

    Reconstruction, modernization or even complete remodelling of an interior or exterior. Our team of architects will take care of perfect outcome that has sense for details and your unique style. Whether with your own vision or just looking for an inspiration.

  • Installation

    Profesional services include connecting to water and sewer pipes, gas supply lines and electro installations. Underfloor heating or systems furniture electrical installations - our complete services will not just save your valuable time but become the absolute guarantee of quality!

  • Delivery

    Delivery of our furniture right to your doorstep is so easy! And without any worries! Order just with one click in our online catalouge or directly at our store and furniture or other goods for a charge will be delivered to your home or office.

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